Theresa Mortimer
Award-Winning Author, Public Speaker, Domestic Violence Survivor! Knowledge is the key to surviving. I will teach you what you need to know.


Theresa Mortimer is a survivor! She has survived both domestic violence and sexual assault. She began writing for therapy after nearly losing her life to domestic violence.  She literally had to learn how to breathe again. After several years of therapy for DV, she began speaking out on behalf of Non-Profit DV organizations. She donates 20% of her profits to these organizations.

She became a victim of sexual assault from someone she respected and believed was there to take care of her.  Now she is an advocate to victims of both crimes.

She resides on a small farm with her children and parents.  She has started a horse and animal rescue called Dreams Come True and supports this rescue herself. She believes in making dreams come true for people and animals alike.

She has received an Author of the Year Runner -Up 2014 award for her work "To Hide from Death II: When death comes stalking" She enjoys speaking on domestic violence, explaining what it is and how to avoid hazardous relationships.

If you would like her to speak for your business or at your college or other event, email her at